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My Current Scraproom

So I have to start with my birthday present! I've been wanting one of these sweet things for quite some time. My hubby built it for me today. Two days early for my birthday.

  Here is the space!

Right here is where I work :)

 On the other side of the room.

OK now lets check out the details.
I love having my stamps out where I can see them all and grab them easily.

This frame works perfect for displaying a few of my favorite cards.

I also have a slight addiction to jars. I probably have too many but hey, they are functional!

Oh and vintage spoons! Or fake vintage spools rather. Haha

It is also fun to look for unexpected pieces to use for storage.

 I found this at a thrift shop for $6! Super scrapbooker find :)

You would get bored looking in all of my drawers but here are a few just because.

My Cuttle Bug stuff :)

I found this paper holder at a garage sale for $2.
Did I mention I am a frugal crafter. Lol

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. Sometime I would like to do a video and be a bit more thorough.

My room is ever changing and evolving. Items change, colors change, displayed work changes and I collect stuff! I'm a yard saler and thrift shopper....I can't help myself when it comes to cool storage! If you want to see how my room has evolved keep scrolling down and check out what it looked like 3 years ago. Grown much?? Haha


Here is it! My fabulous scrap space! My desk top is a $5 board from HomeHardware and all of my storage cubes are Jetmax from Michaels. Purchased with 50% off coupons of course.


I like to have a few inspiring things on my desk where I work. The first picture is of a tray I found for $4 at the Bargain Shop. I filled it with treasures and gems in my favorite colors :) In the second pic you will see a spice rack which I discovered makes an awesome button organizer. The spinner is also from the Jetmax line purchased at Michaels. It is a must have for me.

I also like to keep some of my favorite product
out to see. It inspires me but more importantly
I don't forget about it in a drawer somewhere.


Closer Look

Use your work as decoration! Add a few frames and trinkets for a masterpiece :)
Not everyone has a ledge like this to display their work so here is another option!

One more decoration idea...


Little jars for flowers are great for storage and decor. 
You could use spice racks for small flowers too.

Jetmax Storage
These are my pretty drawers :)

Ok, this is just because... I used my staple gun to recover this chair twice now. It changes with every move it seems. Cheap, plastic, Ikea chair and yes it is hard to staple into plastic but as you can see it is also doable :)