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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Glimmer Mister

Calling all splatter painters! I mean glimmer misters! I mean paper crafters :)
Well, gone are the days of spending almost $10 on glimmer mist! 

Check out my tutorial on making your own. Super simple and extra cheap!. Love it!


This is a card made with a transparency.
I decided to cut the butterfly out like a little window to look through.
I used liquid glue which made my card buckle a little :(

It looks faded because of the lighting but in person it is better.
Isn't the splatter effect awesome!

Here are 2 other great example by a scrapbook artist I found at


  1. Can I just say, you are awesome for sharing this! :) I've been thinking that the mists look fun, but am not about to pay that much just to try it out!

    Just have to find a spritzer bottle next time I'm at the dollar store, and some glue! (can you believe I don't have any regular glue around??) I am so excited to try this!!

  2. Ya, I can't believe they can sell that stuff for $10! Have fun :)

  3. Got my supplies! I found a little catnip spray bottle at dollarama, and found some pretty metallic paint (and glue) at walmart. :D Planning to try it out tonight!!

  4. Glimmer mist update: It worked well, except that it seems to bead up on my paper. When I pat it dry with a paper towel it looks ok, but it ends up looking more mottled than I'd like. I think next time I'll maybe try more glue and paint, and less water... see if it helps. (I think a finer spray tip would help as well, but I'll have to look around for one) Other than that issue, I love it! :)


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