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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Scrapbooking Scraps

Super early post this week!
Here is a fun way to use up scrap paper. 
It is so versatile because you can use any shape: heart, star, circle etc.
It is also great for cards as well as layouts.

Here is the simple procedure :)
A BIG sorry about the lighting on this.
But you get the idea :)

I did not have time to complete the layout but here is the beginnings.

And here is the card I forgot to show you.

And finally, here is a different shape.

Hope you find this tip useful.
Leave a comment and let me know :)


  1. Sarah Mendizabal25 June 2011 at 16:53

    I'm loving the blog Catherine!!! The lolipops on the fair pic were really neat! I love the father's day tie idea too! Really i love it all! You have so many great tips on here! Plus its good to see pics of you guys & Isaiah is getting so big! I love the scraps heart pic! You guys are a beautiful family! I miss you all! xoxo

  2. Sarah!! I miss you too!!!! What is you email? I want to catch up :) Mine is my full name at Can you email me your email please :)

  3. Love your idea for using up scraps--thanks!


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